FLEC rebels invite press to visit Cabinda’s heartland

FLEC-FAC’s politico-military leadership invites the press to visit some of its bases in Cabinda’s heartland during November 2016.

Any journalist will then be able to witness the reality in the territories that were liberated by FLEC/FAC, interview operatives and regional commanders. It will be possible to get in touch with local populations, about their living conditions and restrictions imposed by occupying forces.

Security and travelling between bases in Cabinda’s heartland, as well food, will be provided by FLEC-FAC.

In accordance to the declarations by Chief of Military Staff, General Geraldo Sachipengo Nunda, any Angolan embassy will grant Press Visas to any journalists intending to get to know the politico-military reality in Cabinda.

The visit programme to FLEC-FAC’s bases and the security protocol will be previously established, while Angolan embassies issue the necessary visas, promised by Genenal Geraldo Sachipengo Nunda.

FLEC-FAC’s representatives in Europe are available for any clarification about the preparation of press visits to FLEC-FAC’s bases.

Jean Claude Nzita
Press and Information Secretary
FLEC-FAC’s Spokesperson
Cabinda, 01.09.2016

Sobre Gustavo Plácido

An independent political and security risk analyst focused on Lusophone Sub-Saharan Africa. He covers Angola and Mozambique for Horizon Client Access.
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